Larry Larkin
Comedian ~ Funnyman

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Larry hails from a little town in the north of England called Oswaldtwistle.
The town is so small that they had to close the zoo because the duck died.
He started life as a baby boy, and when he turned three years old,
his father dropped him on his head, which broke his neck,
and he has not looked back since.

When asked what he wanted to be when he grew up, he said “a comedian”,
and everyone laughed . . .  And they are still laughing!
Larry has worked extensively in Great Britain and has made numerous TV
appearances on comedy programs such as “Tiswas” and “Make Me Laugh”.
He found fame on the UK’s popular “New Faces” TV show,
where he gained exposure and media attention.
He has also appeared in various Summer Variety shows in England,
and on the Isle of Jersey in the Channel Islands.
Going further a field, Larry had the opportunity to fly out to the
Falkland Islands in the South Atlantic, to entertain the British forces
stationed there after the conflict.  The troops welcomed him with open arms . . . 
They thought he was their replacement!

Nowadays, and for some years, travel has been very much a part of the
Larkin Lifestyle, particularly on cruise ships, where he has kept the sailing
guests of a number of cruise companies well entertained.
Larry likes traveling around the world, but next year he wants to go somewhere else.
(He did want to be the first comedian on the moon,
until he realized there was no atmosphere!)

‘Til then, he’s happy to be here, making you happy and keeping you laughing!